November 5th, 2015

'Scatti per bene" XII edition by CAF ONLUS & SOTHEBY Milano - Auction

I have proudly donated my picture to “Scatti per Bene 2015 -XII edition” a Charity Event organized by CAF and Sotheby's Milan. [click this link to download the catalogue].

Title: 	MiMa_025 (25 Aprile 2007)
Size : 75 cm x 55 cm (framed)
Print : Ink-jet on Hannemulle Bamboo 290 gr/m2
Edition : 1/3 (+ II P.d.a)

June 29th, 2015

Exhibition : coffEXPOsition (Milan)

Monday, June 22 opened “CoffeEXPOsition“, at the Spazio Porpora in Milan, the exhibition organized by Anna Mola includes some pictures I have taken in Torrefazione Continental of Rho .

May 30th, 2015

Exhibition : Pastori dell'alpe - (Rho - Milan)

Closing the exhibition “Pastori dell’alpe – 100 storie, 100 volti per nutrire il Pianeta“, an itinerary-exhibition, realized with the support of the province of Trento and the city of Rho, which tells the lives (past and present) of the shepherds from Trentino. It begins with some images of plains and urban periphery, by Carlo Corradi, then it continues with landscape photographs taken in high seas at various times of day and seasons and finally the shepherds portraits, accompanied by their words and anecdotes.
(by Anna Mola)

December 10th, 2014

The photobook "Questo Paese" has been pubblished on BLURB

“Questo Paese” is a photograpic project entirely born and raised in the network, thanks to which, 25 photographers with something in common have told the Italy of today, along their journey, as did Ghirri with his companions of adventurers in 1984. The Italy made of construction sites never finished, abandoned buildings, increasingly anonymous and solitary squares, improvised bathing establishments and stereotyped provinces. Less futuristic than an Expo poster, but more real, more lived and felt. Protagonist of this journey are the photographs by: Antonio Armentano, Roberto Bianchi, Sandro Bini, Nino Cannizzaro, Luca Capello, Ilenio Celoria, Domenico Cipollina, Carlo Corradi, Claudia Corrent, Benedetta Falugi, Paolo Fusco, Mauro Thon Giudici, Salvatore Lembo, Andrea Lombardo, Luca Migliorini, Luca Moretti, Gaetano Paraggio, Mattia Parodi, Bruno Picca Garin, Giancarlo Rado, Mattia Sangiorgi, Tiziana Sansica, Franco Sortini, Giacomo Streliotto, Rodolfo Suppo. Finally, at the end of the road, there are other observations, made of words, by: Marco Benna, Gianni Mazzesi, Anna Mola, Henry Prada, Efrem Raimondi, Nello Rossi, Umberto Sartorello. You may have noticed, among the latter, my name. It was a real pleasure and an honor for me giving a little contribution to this project, which Fulvio had “generated and weaned” and now, step by step, it will begin to create their own way. ( by Anna Mola)

November 4th, 2014

'Scatti per bene" XI edition by CAF ONLUS & Sotheby Milano - Auction

One of my works from the portfolio IE will be in auction during the “Scatti per Bene 2014” Charity Event organized by CAF and Sotheby's Milan. The show/event collects more than 80 Fine Art Pictures from Italian internationally known and emerging authors. The auction will start at 18:30 at Sotheby’s, Milan (Via Broggi 19). The catalogue can be downloaded clicking on the below picture.

October 3-4-5, 2014

"Questo Paese" project at SI Photo Festival Savignano

The project Questo Paese will be showed at the SI FEST - Italy The editorial project Questo paese (“This Country”), curated Fulvio Bortolozzo, was born in the Facebook group “We Do the Rest”. This is the meeting point of various photographers coming from different parts of Italy and interested in observing the places where they live with a photographic device. In this way, the project aims to be an opportunity to collect and compare some of the most interesting projects that emerge in the group.